The School has a large number of its own school buses and mini vans for carrying the students from different corners of the region. The total number of vehicles is 6 which include buses and mini vans. The transport charges are applicable as per the distance. The minimum transport charge is 340 and the maximum transport charge is 1740 depending upon the distance of the student concerned. The School buses are available from these points:



  1. Use of foul language against the School Staff by the students or others will not be tolerated and disciplinary / legal action will be taken against such person.
  2. Students are not allowed to come to school by motor cycle.
  3. Conveyance fee will be charged for 12 months and no withdrawal is allowed within the session.
  4. The students have to fill up a separate Bus Conveyance Form (available on request) to avail the transport facility.
  5. If any student is found doing any act of indiscipline inside the bus, then his/her name shall be struck off from the bus.
  6. Students will be penalized if any physical damage is made inside the bus.
  7. All the students must be on right time at their particular bus point.
  8. Change of Bus Route will not be allowed unless prior permission is sought from the Principal.