C.P.S. Bhiwandi, has all the facilities which are required for modern and advanced education. The School have Well-Trained, Dedicated and Qualified Staff. The School has well-equipped Composite Science Lab, Physics Laboratory, Chemistry Laboratory, Biology Laboratory, Computer Laboratory and Mathematics Laboratory with all the modern equipments and infrastructures.

The Area of School campus is around 7010 square meters. The Construction Area of the school is approximately 5293 square meters. The area of playground is around 1717 square meters. The School is providing various other facilities such as Indoor Games, Dance Rooms, Music Rooms, and Health and Medical Check-up facilities.

  1. The School offers library facility. The size of the library is around 126 square meter/1356.25 square feet. The School has subscribed to three dailies, six magazines, and a total number of 1500 books, including reference books. The School Library has a rich collection of books. The library subscribes to various English and Hindi Newspapers. Library provides various magazines, reference books, Educational Journals, etc. Students are advised to enrol for library membership and obtain library card.
  2. Computer Literacy Programme is designed from Class I onwards. It is used as an effective tool in the teaching-learning process for both students and teachers.
  3. The School has a well-equipped medical room for general treatment of the students and it maintains a regular health and medical check-up of its students.
  4. The School has well equipped Social Science Lab for various project related works.
  5. The School has separate room for Yoga, Music and Dance Classes.
  6. The School has separate Play Room/Activity Room for Primary Students where they are taught via audio- visual methods.
  7. The School has a large playground spread over acres of land.
  8. The School has its own Electric and Water Supply System.
  9. The School has its R.O. facility.
  10. The School organizes Educational Tour, Summer Camps and other activities for students.
  11. The School provides facilities to its students for engaging in variety of Cultural and Co-Curricular Activities such as Elocution, Debates, Quiz, Dramatics, Painting, Creative Writing, Vocal and Instrumental Music.
  12. The School is also providing Digital Classes/Smart Classes.
  13. The School has complete CCTV Security.