Mission Statement

Central Public School, Bhiwandi, Maharashtra, as an institution of learning takes its responsibility towards the cause of knowledge in staunch sincerity.The School endeavors to go beyond merely disseminating education to expanding its very boundaries to knowledge production. It aspires to establish a knowledge based society in the area. The School aims to provide affordable and quality education to all the sections of the society. It looks forward to take advantage of the modern information and communication technologies to accomplish its end.

The School represents aspiration of the emerging society, which, with the help of education strives to make the world a better place to live in. It also represents aspiration of the society to get modernized intellectually.

It aims to prepare students in such an environment where they can compete in the twenty first century world. The institution inculcates and enhance a sense of belongingness among the students, so that they live in and help develop a better world. It intends to impart such education to the young minds which not only help them to excel in their professional lives but also enable them to emerge as a better human being in order to contribute towards nation building process.

The School also employs modern technologies in classrooms thereby making teaching-learning process more interactive and communicative. The institution ensures special emphasis to those students who come from disadvantaged and /or underprivileged sections of the society, thereby providing them equal opportunities to prove their potential. It is providing finest quality opportunities to each student of the school so that they are not left behind others. It ensures advancement in the learning levels of students in a more holistic environment.

The School takes disciplinary issues very seriously. It ensures that strict discipline is maintained throughout the campus. Each and every member of the school is expected to abide by the rules and regulations of the school, failing which stern disciplinary action will be taken. In order to implement rules and regulations in letter and spirit, the School expects cooperation from all the stakeholders of the school including parents and students.

In order to ensure and inculcate community feelings among students, C.P.S. Bhiwandi tries to preserve the social milieu and celebrate all the major festivals across all the religions and regions. In addition to course work requirements, the school organizes extra-curricular activities like essay competition, awareness drive to various social issues, discussions, etc. to develop overall personality of the students.

The School strictly follows the curriculum and other important guidelines prescribed by the Central Board of Secondary Education (C.B.S.E.), Delhi from time to time. However, the School takes active interest in devising its own methodologies to impart education to its students. In order to make scholastic as well as co-scholastic activities more educative and interesting, the School uses various audio-visual technologies. The entire objective of the School is to provide positive and healthy environment to each student.

The School will try to maximize its plantation drive rigorously in the coming years so that the School campus be more greener and environment friendly. The School takes various measures to make its students much more aware about the environment and create a sense of responsibility. This endeavor also helps in spreading environmental awareness among the students and community members.

The school will try to achieve its twin objective of becoming the ground of all round growth and development of the students along with becoming an institution for creating well informed and responsible individuals which would go on to create a knowledgeable and healthy society aiding in progress of our nation as a whole.